Our fully integrated production infrastructure contains laboratories, farms, shrimp meal, processing and packing plants.

In our pre-farm stage we have genteic sleetcion programs, hatcheries, larvae labs and pre-seed raceways.

Our farms are located in oceanic hydraulic zones, not affected by towns or cities and have inland access which provides the farms with the best logistic services. The whole array of sizes is attained at different production areas, which also adjust to the specs demanded by the different markets we serve.

The shrimp meal plant is one of the most advanced in South America and incorporates a continous tech development program based on research done at our farms.

Packing facilities are located in the city of Guayaquil, no more than 2 hours from our farthest farm and only minutes away from the port. It is inthese facilities where the product is prepared for packing and later final shipment.

Inside our packing facilities we also produce our own ice, used for packing and farming processes.

All of our facilities have attained certifications by local and foreign authorities and different quality certification entities (INP, BRC, HACCP, IFS, IMO, etc)