Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila Strengthens its Commitment to the Community.

Since the beginning of its operations, Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila S.A. has been an organization committed to its policy of social responsibility, both internal and external. Even so, in the past few months the company has taken significant steps to further increase the level of commitment to the wellbeing of the populations that live near its packing plants and shrimp farms.

Santa Priscila has devoted particular attention to the communities of Tugaduaja y Engunga, the two that are closest to the Chanduy and Pañamao shrimp farms, which belong to IPSP and are located in the province of Santa Elena.

During the month of November, workshops were carried out in Tugaduaja and Engunga with the purpose of discussing the topic of biodiversity and its impact on the environment. Facilitated by biologist Manuel Arellano, the workshops offered an opportunity to bring to the attention of the inhabitants of the two communities the variety of species, both plant and animal, that lives in the area.The workshops were also an opportunity to present the environmental management plan of the shrimp farms and propose corresponding preventative and/or corrective measures aimed at the conservation and protection of the existing biodiversity.

In addition to the workshops that were carried out in the two communities, a donation of 20 computers was made for the computer room of the primary school in Tugaduaja. This has allowed the children at the school to receive basic instruction in commonly-used programs, which will be an asset for them in the future when they need to find a job or enroll in a program of higher education.

Another initiative that Santa Priscila has begun is the implementation of supply centers or "points of sale" of its packaged products. The objective of this initiative is to offer shrimp and tilapia to nearby neighborhoods and communities at economical prices. The people in these areas do not normally have access to seafood unless they go to the market very early in the morning, which is not easy for most people. This way, the nearby population is able to purchase high quality seafood directly from the source without having to travel to the market at an early hour. Also, company workers are offered an additional discount on the purchase of these products.

The first branch opened in 2013 adjacent to the packing plant located at kilometer 5.5 of the vía a Daule, in Mapasingue Este. It has become very popular and many people from nearby neighborhoods purchase fish and shrimp from the point of sale. Such is the case of Edison Burgos, 14, who lives in the neighborhood of "Cooperativa 27 de enero" and comes every afternoon to purchase a half pound of frozen shrimp. "I buy shrimp every day to help my mother make shrimp cakes and later sell them in the neighborhood", says Edison. He says that being able to have access to IPSP products at an affordable price has allowed him to assist with the economic activity of the family.

The branch manager, Edison Chuchuca, states that customers are not only attracted by the quality of the product sold, but also by the excellent customer service. "Every day we make an effort to give the best of ourselves with respect to the customer," says Mr. Chuchuca. "And we have seen how our customers value the friendly service that they receive here, in addition to a high quality product. In this way, we feel that we are contributing our grain of sand in service to the community."